“In Palumbo’s riveting third Daniel Rinaldi mystery (after 2011’s FEVER DREAM), answers prove elusive as the murders begin to pile up. Palumbo ratchets up the stakes in this psychological thriller, but maintains the emotional complexity…” --- Publisher’s Weekly

Writing From The Inside Out

As one of my writer clients expressed it, "I want to just shove all my anxieties, that pain and fear, all that crap out the door.  Then I could sit down and write."

Bu write about what? Those very feelings we yearn to dispel are the raw materials of our writing, the stuff from which everything we write - including even our desire to write - merges. Rather than shoving them out the door, like unwanted guests who are wrecking the party, I say invite them in. They are the party. Or, rather, there's no party without them.

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  1. This book sounds interesting, I can't wait to buy it.

    This book has received very high ratings on Amazon, check here: http://www.amazon.com/Writing-Inside-Out-Transforming-Psychological/dp/0471382663.