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Notable Authors, both past and present, who have called the Pittsburgh area home: Rachel Carson

“Silent Spring” – Rachel Carson

Essential reading for any Pittsburgher and nature lover, Pittsburgh-area native Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” was the first book of its kind – a scathing review of the bad things humans do to their environment for the sake of convenience. Exposing the public to the drawbacks to the indiscriminate use of DDT and other pesticides was Carson’s goal, and 50 years later, readers can still learn something from her book. Available through Barnes and Noble in a special 40th anniversary edition republished in 2002, “Silent Spring” belongs on your must-read or must-reread list. Carson’s work is credited for launching the environmental movement. Even if you don’t fancy yourself an environmentalist, Carson’s descriptions of nature in western Pennsylvania make the book worth a look. Head to the Barnes and Noble in Homestead so you can make Rachel proud by taking a nature walk on the nearby Great Allegheny Passage trail after your purchase.

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  1. I have never heard of Rachel Carson before, but I care for environment so this book should be a good read for me.