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Historic Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Glass

Before steel making filled the sky with the dark clouds of early 20th century industry, Pittsburgh was creating glass.

As early as the 1820s Pittsburgh was a major distributor of glass products.  Pittsburgh glass was used for globes that lit the nation's streets, windows for homes, and jars for food.  Being located along three rivers, Pittsburgh made good use of the waterways.  It all started with three immigrants: Albert Gallatin, James O'Hara, and Benjamin Bakewell.  By the Civil War, Pittsburgh's glass trade was a $7 million business with 20 bottle and vial factories, 23 window glass factories, 22 flint glass factories, and a number of glass producers devoted exclusively to the production of chimneys.  Invention was the key to Pittsburgh's success in glass manufacturing.  Over 100 patents were secured by Pittsburgh's glassmakers.  

Dog & Hunter
Gillinder & Sons...ca. 1881

Sometime around 1881, the Gillinder & Sons factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania introduced Deer and Dog AKA Frosted Dog or Deer, Dog and Hunter. The mold pattern is credited to John Putnam, who was the mold shop foreman. Large acid etched dogs are the finials for the covered pieces. 

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